Group Accounting & Consolidation Services

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Unifies is devoted to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We work diligently to achieve this by developing solutions uniquely tailored to meet clients’ requirements in terms of timing, cost management, and risk assessment.

Unifies provides the following consolidation services to companies and organizations:

- Preparation of customised consolidation reporting packages for group consolidation reporting purposes
- Assistance to preparation of group consolidation accounting manual
- Coordination of data collections for the group entities’ reporting packages
- Conversion of local GAAP accounts to consolidation GAAP
- Review of local reporting packages
- Preparation of consolidated financial statements / consolidated NAV under main GAAP, including IFRS, Swedish GAAP, UK GAAP, US GAAP and local GAAP.
- Preparation of combined statements for jointly controlled companies
- Assistance to clients in dealing consolidation matters with auditors
- Providing outsourcing consolidation services to clients
- Conducting consolidation trainings to external client staff


IFRS Services

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been evolving into a global benchmark. A multitude of countries have already adopted IFRS into their local regulations and many more are in the process of converging with IFRS. The implementation of IFRS in the United States is still ongoing and its convergence with IFRS will ultimately result in significant changes in the global financial reporting world.

For most companies, keeping focused on core business objectives while ensuring compliance with evolving financial reporting requirements in both local and international platforms are seen as enormous challenges. Unifies understands these challenges. We are an experienced and reliable business partner that our clients can look to when then need assistance dealing with the complexities and burden of IFRS requirements.

We can provide following IFRS services:
- Conversion of local GAAP accounts to IFRS, including assistance in first time adoption of IFRS (converging from local GAAP into IFRS)
- Providing analysis of the convergence to IFRS
- Quantification of the impact and solutions for the implementation
- Assistance to the preparation of IFRS accounting manual
- Review and preparation of IFRS-compliant accounting policies, pro-forma financial statements and disclosure formats, including assistance with selection of IFRS accounting policies with respect to making decisions between allowed alternative treatments
- Preparation of IFRS financial statements
- Assistance to clients in handling IFRS matters with auditors
- Assistance in technical transactions (i.e. business combinations, mergers and acquisitions, interpretation and implementation of new IFRS standards, IPOs, etc.)
- Providing outsourced IFRS services to clients
- Conducting IFRS trainings to external client staff



Through a systematic process we provide tailor-made solutions depending on your specific priorities (timing, tax, efficiency, cost management, risk assesment etc.).

- Assessment of the full impact of preparing consolidated financial statements
- Review of group accounting manual and group structures 
- Identify potential GAAP differences between local GAAP and consolidation GAAP
- Develop an effective approach and provide solutions for implementation
- Preparation of customised group reporting packages and proposed timelines
- Coordination of data collection of the group entities’ reporting packages
- Assistance in the calculation of goodwill and purchase price allocation
- Conversion of local GAAP accounts to consolidation GAAP
- Conversion of local currency reporting to consolidation reporting currency
- Review of local reporting packages
- Preparation of periodic consolidated reports under main accounting GAAP
- Preparation of a proforma consolidated Financial Statements / Annual Accounts
- Calculation of periodic NAV in various GAAPs 
- On-going communication and coordination with your accounting team
- Liaising with external auditors
- Communication of audited Financial Statement / Annual Account to third parties
- Conduction of Consolidation trainings to external client staff