Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

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Fast-growing organizations are looking for efficient integration of tools and technologies in business planning, budgeting and financial reporting with the practices governing these activities becoming increasingly complex. As a result, budgeting and finance professionals are under pressure to improve accuracy, efficiency, controls and auditability and to provide greater visibility into costs, resources, and performance.

Due to the complexity of this process, organizations tend to omit creating a full-fledged budgeting and planning process. However, this step is extremely important as it is the only way that determines what is there in hand and what is to be done in order to set up groundwork for a successful and efficient strategy. Another key aspect is the need for a flexible, end user driven and dynamic planning and budgeting platform which can enable business users flexibly and quickly adapt to changing budgeting and planning rules/policies/calculations with minimal impact on the budgeting timelines.

As a solution to these challenges, we have our Flexplan add-on to help organizations to map their business planning process to integrate with tools and technologies that supports top-down and bottom-up budgeting process, planning, forecasting and reporting activities. The add-on, is a simple, flexible yet a dynamic solution to cater to the complex budgeting scenarios. It brings more efficiency and flexibility to business thereby enabling better analysis and decision making.

We have implemented our Flexplan add-on for different industries like Telecom, Utilities, Petrochemicals and Public sector, setting a milestone in our EPM business.

Key Benefits
- Perform planning and financial consolidation in one application
- Reduce planning cycles with timely data
- Increase accuracy of plans, budgets, and forecasts with collaboration and accountability
- Seize opportunities and reduce risk through better preparation
- Improve data quality with a central repository
- Make changes easily using Rules Configuration rather than Customization



Rule-Based HR Add On

  • Maintain new staff cost rules/assumptions without changing code
  • Multi-level rules definition, without priority of execution
  • Easy rollout to different geographies or businesses without rework
  • Version-specific rules supporting simulations

Opex Add On

  • Transparent maintenance of assumptions/drivers at different levels
  • End-user driven setup of assumptions/drivers
  • Automatic driver-based calculations
  • Flexible interface

 Capex & Projects Add On

  • Automated depreciation calculation
  • Ready & customizable configurations for extraction of ERP CAPEX data
  • Intuitive end user interface for new project creation
  • Workflow-driven project creation mechanism
  • Seamless integration to financial statements

Dynamic Allocation Add On

  • Any by any allocation
  • Flexible drag-n-drop-based interface
  • Extendable to multi dimensionality
  • Multi-level/stage allocation