Financial Consolidation & Closure

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Today’s CFO’s Office faces multiple priorities that include the oversight of financial transactions, management of enterprise performance, attestation of financial reporting, timely close and consolidation of financial data. There is a competing demand for faster closing cycles, improved financial governance and increased transparency and reliability of data. The pace of regulatory changes also continues to increase as well as on going initiatives such as mandate to move to reporting standards such as IFRS and XBRL.

We at Unifies have more than a decade of consulting and implementation experience enabling organizations to automate their legal and management consolidation process. We have consultants with implementation experience of different accounting standards such as IFRS and GAAP of different countries. 

Our Financial Consolidation implementation experience can help organisations implement Multiple Currencies, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Accounting Standards such as IFRS and GAAP of different countries. Our add-on for Consolidation is a pre-built solution combining industry best practices and pre-built templates based on the global accounting practices, accelerating Consolidation implementation timelines significantly.

Key Benefits
- Reduce the time and cost of financial close and reporting cycles – without sacrificing controls
- Ensuring transparent external reporting to the stakeholders.
- Ensure compliance with IFRS and GAAP of different countries requirements, including XBRL reporting
- Automate intercompany reconciliation and elimination, currency translation, segment reporting, and more
- Strengthen investor relations by maintaining transparent data and audit trails


Consolidation Add On

Pre-Built Contents
  • Pre-defined business rules & consolidation logic
  • Fully configured system to cater to common consolidation scenarios
  • Pre-defined "proofing" reports for testing of results
  • Extendable and compatible to IFRS
  • No fixed chart of account (client can use their own chart of account, providing flexibility)
  • System-driven reconciliation between legal and management view
  • Detailed audit trail
Ready Documentation
  • Pre-defined questionnaire & templates for rapid setup
  • An easy step-wise "How to" guide to walk through with initial configuration


  • Customize/enhance rather than build from the beginning
  • Unified model for legal and management consolidation