Technology Consulting Services

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We at Unifies believe in taking a step further than just being a development partner of our esteemed clients. With our proven IT Support Services experience, we help our customers beyond regular development, testing and deployment. Our skilled and experienced consultants and analysts can assist you in:

  • Visioning your IT roadmap
  • Deriving ROI for implemented and planned system
  • Adopting Agile methodology
  • Arriving at total cost of ownership for solutions
  • Deriving system loads
  • Providing inputs to arrive at the right system architecture
  • Hardware and infrastructure requirements including cloud-based development
  • Implementation and deployment support, training support, post Go Live support
  • Solution Designing and Planning Strategies

    Owing to our vast experience and skilled expertise that we possess in technology consulting services, we can help organizations

    • Derive the ROI
    • Plan and design scalable solutions by helping them in load analysis
    • Implement the right architecture to optimally use system and human resources
    • Implement process driven services and best practices with required compliances
    • Derive IT Roadmaps to implement new cutting edge and state of the art solutions that can help the organizations to reach the next level, through competitive planning strategies
    • Prepare long term and short-term IT strategies
    • Provide cost and feature comparisons for various implementation models (on premise servers, cloud hosting etc.)
    • Arrive at total cost of ownership for solutions
  • Implementation Support and Training

    The key success factor for any IT solution that is implemented is its acceptance by the end users. Possessing experience of implementing solutions globally for over the past two decades, we understand this and help our customers in ensuring the success for the planned solutions. We help you

    • Derive the implementation plan, deployment plan, training plan which could cover end user training, administrator’s training, technical training etc.
    • Set up service desk and support desks to provide SLA driven support using the knowledge and streamlined processes derived by us over the years
  • Architecting and Technical Design 

    We can help you in deriving pros and cons of implementing different system architectures and can advise you to choose the right architecture. We can help in preparing technical design plans be it for web applications, mobile applications, data warehousing or BI and data analytics.

  • Application Replatforming and Migration 

    We have been actively involved in helping organizations wanting to move on from traditional legacy systems to state of the art systems using the latest tools and technologies. We can help you

    • Perform an in-depth analysis of your current systems
    • Identify the pain areas, the objectives and expectations
    • Provide you a study report that would detail out possible solutions, project plans, risk and mitigation strategies, key success factors etc.
  • Agile Adoption

    Our Agile experts at Unifies help you to assess the readiness of your organization for agile and help you adopt this very well-known project methodology, based on well-defined principles and manifested through known practices. Our customer centric Agile Adoption strategies comprise of

    • Agile readiness assessment
    • Engaging an experienced Agile coach
    • Training teams on Agile and make necessary structural changes in the organization to perfectly fit in the model Handhold projects to move to Agile
    • ROI assessment post Agile implementation