Strategic Talent Management

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In order to build a performance capacity that is both deep and wide, organizations must continually source, develop and retain top talent.

Unifies Talent Management offers a holistic approach to helping organizations identify and align the capabilities, attitudes, and talent needed to more effectively implement its chosen business strategy.

We specialize in the following areas which serve as key drivers of an organization's success:

New Leader On-boarding & Development

On-boarding a new leader should be considered a strategic business imperative. With the fast-paced nature of business, the pressure is great for newly hired leaders to assimilate quickly into their new position. All eyes are on a new leader and if she/he is not on-boarded properly, the effects are far-reaching - including lack of confidence in senior management decision-making. Our coaching and/or training process helps the leader take charge swiftly and effectively by allowing the leader to more quickly understand the state of the organization or department, which specific pitfalls to avoid, and the various personalities of his/her direct reports.

Communication/Conversation Coaching

Effective communication/conversation can yield significant improvement in areas such as productivity, quality, diversity, leadership capability, sales performance, employee engagement, team collaboration, customer satisfaction and change management. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching and strategic planning of communication initiatives, we can help turn ordinary conversations into powerful dialogue, communicate vision, improve professional relationships and increase decision-making capability.

Diversity Management

We provide a comprehensive diversity management process for developing an environment that works for all employees and enables leaders to make more informed decisions. Through a step-by-step approach, in workshop or one-on-one format, we can help you look at the mindset and climate of your organization, the organizational cultural supports and barriers that can impact relationships and decision-making, and the diverse (different and similar) perspectives that people bring to an organization (ethnicity, work styles, behaviours, religion, family structure, etc.).

M&A Cultural Integration

In M&A situations, we automatically perform legal due diligence and financial due diligence. We often overlook the criticality of cultural due diligence. A merger or acquisition creates a profound cultural change that requires a systematic process to foster dialogue in order to restore the organization's ability to function effectively. This can be accomplished through a combination of workshops, manager training and communication coaching, depending on organizational need. We can help you uncover the differences and similarities between the merging organizations and develop key strategies to move the combined company forward.

Change Management

Through a combination of workshops, manager training and communication coaching, we assist leaders in driving organizational change, empowering managers to lead through change, and enabling employees to respond to change appropriately.

Employee Engagement

There is a direct link between employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. Through a combination of workshops, manager training and communication coaching, we enable managers to understand and leverage the drivers of employee engagement unique to their organizations.

Downsizing / Rightsizing / Flexible Rightsizing

Your workforce is a dynamic asset, requiring constant adjustments in response to changing business climates. We can help you strategically mobilize and size your workforce to meet the needs of your business, minimize turnover, protect your employment brand and maintain productivity.

Career Transition / Outplacement

Unlike many transition firms which are moving to a high tech approach to transition, our service is high touch. Our experienced transition consultants can provide onsite assistance at the time of termination, pre-planning and coaching with the HR and notifying manager, and highly personalized, no-time-limit transition service to the displaced employee (mid manager to executive level).