Mergers & Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions are part of many businesses: to preserve a customer base, to expand a portfolio or to serve as a source of growth. But it can be hard to determine where everyone and everything fits in. Financial due diligence is crucial but it isn’t always sufficient. Unifies works with senior leaders on the strategic, leadership, structural and behavioral issues that must be dealt with for an acquisition to succeed. We stress the importance of ensuring everyone understands what the business intent is, what this means for the different parts of the businesses, and how the separate organizations plan to integrate (if at all).

Examining cultural alignment helps leaders, integrations teams, and organizations learn about what to expect from the commonalities and differences between the two cultures. This is often overlooked; understanding and dealing with this can be crucial in creating a successful organization. If cultural differences aren’t addressed, each side can begin to believe the worst about the other. We work with you to understand how – and how long it takes – to transition to the desired end state.