Organizational Structure

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The structure of an organization should align with the business strategies that are being implemented. Since business strategies evolve, the leadership team must ensure the structure is fluid enough to adapt.

Organizations achieve results through the performance of the individuals and teams in support of a clearly defined strategy. Organization structures exist to facilitate the interactions of those individuals and team to those ends. We’ve developed numerous frameworks and tools to build the structure that is most supportive of your company’s direction, taking into account the human dynamics within organizations. We understand the process of making change happen and will co-create implementation plans with you to ensure successful adoption of the organization structure.

The culture of your business plays a crucial role in your company’s success or failure. We work with you to bring your company’s values into focus and understand how they’re currently interpreted by the people inside the organization through surveys, focus groups, and simply listening to how people talk and watching how they interact while they’re at work.

After recognizing the behavior patterns within your organization we help determine if the culture that exists is advancing or hindering the business strategy. If the culture is hindering performance, we can help identify the processes and actions that can affect culture over time.

Culture is closely tied to performance. It becomes especially important when the basics of the business changes, as when a business strategy shifts significantly or when a merger is implemented. Cultural alignment begins with strong leadership and engagement with employees. We help top leaders get un-stuck so that they can be the catalyst for cultural alignment.